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Plasma ARC Spray Gun

We are instrumental in bringing to clients superior quality Plasma ARC Spray Guns that are known for their optimum quality and excellent performance. Customers can be eased with the affordable rates of the Plasma ARC Spray Gun. We are highly acclaimed as prominent Plasma Arc Spray Gun, Plasma Arc Spraying Gun, Plasma Spray Gun Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier in India.

About Plasma ARC Spray Gun :
  • Plasma is an electrically conductive gas containing charged particles
  • When atoms of a gas are excited to high energy levels, the atoms loose hold of some of their electrons and become ionized producing a plasma containing electrically charged particles - ions and electrons
  • High frequency arc is ignited between an anode (nozzle) and a cathode (electrode)
  • Process gases (generally mixtures of Argon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Helium) flowing between them is ionized to become a plume of hot plasma gas that exceed the temperature of 6,600 oC to 16,600 oC (12,000 oF to 30,000 oF)
  • When the coating substrate to produce a strongly adherent coating
  • The work piece remains cool because the plasma is localized at the gun
  • Plasma Spray is perhaps the most flexible of all of the thermal spray processes as it can develop sufficient energy to melt any material, the number of coating materials that can be used in the plasma spray process is almost unlimited